3 Reasons to Make the 2017 Ford Edge Your Next Vehicle

3 Reasons to Make the 2017 Ford Edge Your Next Vehicle

The 2017 Ford Edge is a mid-size crossover vehicle that has plenty of pleasing perks. Keep reading to learn why the Ford Edge is a great car to own.


It Offers a High-Tech Adaptable Steering System

The 2017 Ford Edge has adaptable steering technology, so the amount of movement needed to maneuver the car changes as the speed of the vehicle does. That means that the car is increasingly agile and fun to drive at all speeds. Ford launched this technology on the Ford Edge last year.


The Car Has an Intelligent All-Wheel Drive System

The all-wheel drive system on the 2017 Ford Edge has intelligent technology that constantly monitors balance torque and traction between the front and rear wheels and makes adjustments when necessary to help the car stay stable on the road. This system comes standard on the Sport model and is available as an option on other trim levels.


It Features Two Ways to Look at the Stars or Enjoy the Sunlight

The 2017 Ford Edge is available with a sunroof that either tilts or opens fully depending on your preferences. There’s also a fixed skylight that also lets you glimpse the sky. Whether you’re sitting in the back of the car or up front, it’s easy to get cool perspectives of the outdoors.


These are just a few of the many reasons you should think seriously about bringing a 2017 Ford Edge home and being a proud owner. Contact your nearest dealership to learn more about this innovative vehicle.


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