3 Reasons the Ford F-Series is Canada’s Bestselling Vehicle

3 Reasons the Ford F-Series is Canada’s Bestselling Vehicle

Combining strength, toughness, and luxury into one vehicle, the Ford F-Series has taken the full-size pickup truck segment by storm. In fact, this truck has won Canadian hearts so much that it has been the bestselling pickup truck for years. Continuously setting a new standard with each new model, new feature, and new option, here are just some ways the Ford F-Series has become the industry’s leader:

Durable and Tough

Featuring 1,000 pounds more payload than the closest competitor along with 11,000-towing capacity, the F-Series gets this rigid durability from Ford’s largest, strongest bed design and key suspension bolts. Combined with the 300-hp, 5.4L V8 engine and vigorous suspension, this truck can tackle any terrain and hauling need.

Safety comes first

The Ford F-Series is one of the only pickup trucks to have earned the NHTSA’s five-star crash rating for both the driver and passenger side. The frame of this truck is specifically designed with a solid structure and built with materials that upon impact will collapse like an accordion, absorbing all the energy before reaching the passenger compartment.

Fuel Efficiency

Featuring an industry exclusive system, the F-Series integrated wheel ends automatically disconnect when shifting into 4×2 mode and re-connect when shifted back. When driving in 4×2 mode, this system actually reduces fuel consumption by up to a half-gallon per mile. Coupled with the fuel-saving engine advancements, the F-Series also gets comparable fuel efficiency.

While the list could go on, it’s really no wonder why the Ford F-Series is a class-leading truck.


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