3 Must-See Fall Hiking Trails in Moose Jaw

3 Must-See Fall Hiking Trails in Moose Jaw

Come autumn, Moose Jaw transforms into a scene right out of a painting with the vibrant fall foliage. Explore the local area this fall at these must-see hiking trails.


Buffalo Pound Provincial Park

There is a reason that locals head to Buffalo Pound to participate in outdoor activities. The park has biking trails, camping spots, fishing lakes, and dedicated hiking trails. Nicolle Flats Nature Area has many trails worth exploring, each of them ranging in difficulty. You can also view wild animals lazily grazing the area along the trails, including a buffalo at a lookout point.


Wakamow Valley

Wakamow Valley is a quiet spot with plenty of hiking trails, skiing hills, and campgrounds. There is also a nearby river which is perfect for canoeing, fishing, or boating. Many locals come to Wakamow Valley for skiing, but the park also has wonderful views of the changing fall colors. Pack a picnic and enjoy a meal at one of Canada’s most beautiful destinations. Forgot to bring food? There is an on-site burger stand in the park with great reviews.


Crescent Park

Crescent Park is great for beginning hikers or those looking for a relaxing outdoor stroll. The 28-acres of lush green grass and well-maintained flower gardens provide for a relaxing experience. The park sits directly on the Spring Creek giving you waterfront views and a refreshing water fountain experience. The on-site amphitheatre often hosts live performances and educational events.

Head to any of these must-see parks this fall to observe the Moose Jaw color changes.

Image via Flickr by Blake Handley

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