3 Great Fords for Uber and Lyft Drivers

3 Great Fords for Uber and Lyft Drivers

Ridesharing is becoming a popular way for people to get around cities and for drivers to make some extra cash. Whether you work for Uber or Lyft as an extra job or you’re a full-time driver, having a car that’s comfortable and roomy can make a big difference for your guests. Here are our three favorite Fords that make excellent contracted driving vehicles.


  1. Fusion

The Fusion offers a standard and a hybrid engine; both are an excellent choice when it comes to picking out a car that your passengers will love. With a roomy back row and comfortable seating, the Fusion is a pleasant ride that prioritizes both passenger and driver comfort. Modern conveniences, like hands-free calling, keep it safe for driving while the speaker system offers excellent sound clarity.


  1. Explorer

Loaded with modern features and roomy enough to handle a large party of passengers, the Explorer full-size SUV is fantastic for contracted drivers. Generous luggage space helps when driving passengers to airports or other travel hubs, while an extra row lets you easily and comfortably drive large groups. It also offers hands-free technology and a whisper-quiet interior for additional safety and comfort.


  1. Taurus

As one of Ford’s most luxurious sedans, the Taurus allows you to drive your passengers in style and comfort. From the spacious interior to the ample amenities, your passengers are sure to enjoy their ride. Driver-assist technology keeps you and your guests safe on the road, while comfort features, like heated back seats, help improve the experience.

The Ford Fusion, Taurus, and Explorer are all solid choices when looking for a new rideshare vehicle.

Image via Flickr by planetc1

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