3 Best Fall Road Trips in Saskatchewan

3 Best Fall Road Trips in Saskatchewan

Visiting Saskatchewan this year is a good idea if you love exploring the natural beauty of Canada and are looking for a change of scenery. With magnificent mountains and winding roads, small, charming towns, and historical sites, you can explore a lot in just a few days.



If you are looking for a small traditional town tucked away in the valleys, you must visit this place next time you go on a road trip in Saskatchewan. Surrounded by great mountains, and offering small shops, the town is both charming and quiet. Make sure once you are in Lumsden, you check out the Last Mountain Distillery to try some local drinks.



This tiny little town with approximately forty people offers more than you would expect. There is great food and hospitality on offer, and musicians from all around Canada come to perform here on special occasions. Check out the Happy Nuns Cafe for lunch and find out more about the past glory of the place before the railway stopped running through Forget.


From Saskatoon to Prince Albert

This road trip is great for those who want to enjoy driving through the Canadian countryside and cover some of the best views and attractions on the way. The 90-mile journey will take you all the way to Prince Albert National Park, offering a refuge in nature. Prince Albert is on the border of boreal forest and aspen parkland and boasts with wildlife.

Hitting the road this year and exploring Saskatchewan offers loads of unique sites and experiences.


Image via Flickr by Martin Cathrae

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