3 Apps to Help With Your Daily Commute

3 Apps to Help With Your Daily Commute

Commuting to work or school can be a grind, but modern technology has ways of making it better. Check out these apps that can help with your daily commute.


  1. iGasUp

Want to find the best gas prices in your area? IGasUp finds you gas stations based on price or your location. It has over 110,000 gas stations in its database and offers accurate information. You just need to type in your current location or enter in a ZIP code of an area where you are headed, and it will provide you with the cheapest gas.


  1. Waze

Waze is an extremely popular app that not only provides directions to your location, but it also has real-time information on traffic, accidents, and even police speed traps. The data comes from other users, and it is updated in real-time. You can also get Waze to redirect you if there is traffic up ahead, so even if you know where you are going, Waze will help you find the fasted route.


  1. Carcipate

If you want to share the cost of commuting, Carcipate is the first app of its kind and allows you to broadcast your route or trip to friends and family or even co-workers. You can use it ahead of time to set up ride shares, or even find a last-minute riding partner. This is a free app that can even help you save money on gas since you can split the cost with your co-pilot.

Use these apps and help make your commute easier.

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