2013 Ford Fusion At Your Moose Jaw Ford Dealer

2013 Ford Fusion At Your Moose Jaw Ford Dealer

A hybrid doesn’t have to look like a hybrid! When you look at the 2013 Ford Fusion, you may be surprised to learn it is a hybrid sedan that offers choices for gas power, hybrid plug-in and hybrid engine variations. Come take a closer look or take the 2013 Ford Fusion for a test drive at your Moose Jaw Ford dealer:


Interior of the 2013 Ford Fusion


The sloped roof line of the Ford Fusion can give the appearance of a cramped backseat, but passengers can ride comfortably in both the front and back of the Fusion. Some of the hybrid technology is stored in the back, so the cargo space is a bit more limited than in non-hybrid vehicles. If you don’t have backseat passengers and need more room for cargo, you can always fold the seats down.


Power and Performance


The continuously variable transmission provides a smooth operation and transition from gas to electric. There is a 2.0 liter engine which puts out 188 horsepower. Some drivers have reported noticing a fairly loud engine when speeding up to pass another car, but when you are driving at a consistent speed on the highway, your gas engine will shut off to conserve gas and ride quietly.



2013 Ford Fusion Technology


In addition to offering hybrid technology, the Ford Fusion provides technology for the driver and passengers through MyFord Touch System – voice recognition telephone, navigation system and climate control.


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