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2022 Ford Ranger in Moose Jaw: Reserve Yours Today!

Ford is a brand that has always been associated with trucks, and they are reviving their popular utility truck. The new 2022 Ford Ranger is a compact pickup truck with different trims. The base trim starts at approximately $35,500. It comes with various features that will surely give the other trucks a run for their money. Let’s look at what the new 2022 Ford Ranger in Moose Jaw has in store.


The 2022 Ford Ranger seats five passengers. It boasts a 2.3 L inline-4 turbocharged engine. It delivers 270 horsepower with 310 lb-ft of torque. This is not just a pickup truck; it's a companion. It’s your home-away-from-home, your refuge in the wilderness, your way to on-road and off-road freedom. Whether you’re looking for your first truck or want to upgrade your reliable Ranger, the new model has everything you need and more.

Special Features

The 2022 Ford Ranger in Moose Jaw comes with unique features, including:
  • Onboard WiFi hotspot
  • A higher ride height and increased suspension travel, so you can go where other vehicles can’t (and look good doing it)
  • An enhanced terrain management system that lets you adapt to whatever conditions you’re throwing at it.

The 2022 Ford Ranger is a feature-rich, mid-size pickup truck with a maximum payload of 1,860 pounds. This vehicle is the ideal combination of power and approachability, making it an attractive option for first-time truck buyers who are looking for something that’s easy to handle but can still get the job done.

Efficiency & Comfort

With an estimated 8.9 kilometres per litre (21 mpg) city and 11 kilometres per litre (26) mpg highway (2WD) or 8.5 kilometres per litre (20 mpg) city and 10.2 kilometres per litre (24 mpg) highway (AWD), you can drive this truck for kilometres without having to fill up. Finally, the interior is incredibly comfortable for however long you’re spending behind the wheel. There is plenty of legroom in each row, so everyone will be able to stretch out and relax on longer trips no matter where they’re sitting.


The 2022 Ford Ranger in Moose Jaw will debut an all-new infotainment system featuring a touchscreen that gives you the ability to personalize your home screen. Easy to use, it’s designed to help you stay connected with your world while keeping your focus on the road. The home screen can be customized to display your favourite apps and essential information, like gas level, mileage and navigation. It also offers easy access to the vehicle’s climate control and other settings.

In addition to your phone’s Bluetooth connectivity, it offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility so you can enjoy your favourite music and podcasts.


The Ford Ranger is a competent truck, and it comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission. The body style seems to be going toward “older brother” status, considering that it boasts a higher towing capacity than the competition while remaining just as efficient. While this truck may not have as much tech or luxury as others in its class, it really just comes down to personal preference, and you aren’t compromising your life on- or off-road with the Ranger pickup.

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